About me…


My name is Kitty Nolan;  I live on the stunning east coast of Scotland where I enjoy photographing the landscape and wildlife.  Photography is my relaxation after a day of writing, or listening to others who campaign to end violence against women.  I wrote a book called WITNESS, which is about one woman’s experience of intimate partner violence.  It was published in November 2016 after 3 years working on it.

When researching intimate partner violence, or Gender Based Violence, as it is often referred to, I found many scholarly books on the subject but I found few accounts available from survivors.  There are some collections of prose and poetry published by Women’s Aid Groups, but could find nothing giving an account of the experience from a woman meeting an abusive man, to the point of leaving, and experience in between.

Each chapter in WITNESS is divided into three sections: the first section is Sarah’s account, the second section is an account from a family member, friend or professional involved at the time, and the third section is a healing meditation supported by an image. I wrote the book hoping to give women experiencing Gender Based Violence an understanding that they are not alone, but also to raise awareness for those who have no experience of this abuse.

I have been involved in campaigning to end violence against women and girls for over 10 years with a particular focus on faith groups.  My own tradition is Christian, originally Catholic, but in the past few years I have found my spiritual life supported by a variety of Christian traditions, especially Celtic, Ignation and Franciscan spirituality.  I have found Neil Douglas-Klotz writing on Sufi Islam has broadened and deepened my understanding of Christianity together with  the Buddhist tradition working with the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Zen Master;  Pema Chödrön, who teaches Tibetan Buddhism in the West, and Jack Kornfeld, an American Buddhist teacher.

In this blog you will find my own thoughts on Gender Based Violence, together with the quotes from experts in this field, and helpful quotes from teachers across the spiritual traditions to help focus ourselves, and offer support to the abused, to survivors, and to those of us who campaign.

Details for WITNESS can be found at: http://www.witnessbykittynolan.com

Peace and smiles,

Kitty Nolan

February 2017