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Is Religion Our Sacred Cow? by Esther Nelson

Couldn’t agree more….

Recently, my colleague (I’ll call him Ben) participated in his grandson’s bris—the circumcision ritual within Jewish tradition. The circumcision was performed by a mohel–someone who is trained on removing the foreskin of an eight-day-old, male child.

Neither Ben nor his wife is Jewish. Their son converted to Judaism when he married a Jewish woman whose family celebrates the birth ritual with a host of traditions.  One of those traditions dictates that the immediate family members, upon news of the baby’s imminent birth, gather together in, or around the vicinity of, the new family’s home in order to welcome the child into the world.

So Ben rushed to his son and daughter-in-law’s home a couple of states away shortly after the baby boy’s birth, staying until after the circumcision ceremony where Ben had the official role of conferring on the newborn his Jewish name.

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Vampire entering the Light – Facing my Agoraphobia today…


vampire gif 3

Just getting ready to head out today. Haven’t been out since my ex boyfriend was violent a few weeks ago. Apart from going to the Emergency Room one night, and heading to the doctors another time. Both times I got taxis.

I’ve ran out of all food and stuff and have been indoors alone too long. It’s a bright sunshiny day today. So I am going to try and venture into the light! I have to push myself. I can’t let that guy ruin my life. I’m starting to even look drained like a vampire! Time to feel some rays of light on my skin. Soak up some Vitamin D before I fade away and collapse into nothingness.


I’m not sure people realise just how much being physically assaulted traumatises you. I didn’t. This wasn’t like a one off whack. Or 2 men fighting in a bar and then it…

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Death is a Gift, and Christ is a Hag by Trelawney Grenfell-Muir

Wonderful piece on death and life and the value of the crone!

My father is dying, and I am haggard with grief and exhaustion. Over a month of frantically arranging child care, driving to the ICU in the middle of the night, fighting to protect my Dad from neglect and malpractice, chasing case managers, begging doctors, negotiating with nurses, sensitive, depleting, agonizing family debates about hospice and DNR, and hour after hour sitting and holding my Dad’s hand, singing, comforting, soothing, reassuring. Washing his face. Massaging salve into his feet and legs. Continually checking to see if he is too cold, too warm, in pain, breathing ok. Weeping as I drive home through snow and rain and dark, watching car accidents happen just one lane over, trying to soothe my frazzled and anxious little children, support my husband in his degree program, and not lose my own career entirely.

So when my daughter asked me, “Mummy, why does Grampy have to die?”…

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Quiz: Do you have a male or female brain?

Entertaining, and accurate in my experience.

Old Wives' Tales

1. When it comes to remembering birthdays, I …

a. often forget (thankfully my partner remembers for me. She’s amazing like that).
b. often forget (thankfully I’ve set up a series of complex alerts on my work computer, since for some reason I’m not only meant to remember for myself but my partner too).

2. When taking public transport I always …

a. take up as much room as possible in order to get my money’s worth.
b. try to avoid being groped.

3. In a partner I try to look for …

a. someone who won’t laugh at me.
b. someone who won’t kill me.

4. When it approaching difficult technical tasks I …

a. pretend to know what I’m doing in order to avoid embarrassment.
b. pretend not to know what I’m doing in order to avoid embarrassment.

5. My favourite books and films tend to feature …

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