Iona Community Leadership

Lovely piece from Michael Marten, the incoming leader of the Iona Community.

In The Public Sphere

Iona Community

Forgive the very personal nature of this blog posting, but…

Today marks a significant change in the direction my life is taking: for a while now, I thought I was basically an academic, who did other things alongside that.

Today I have been elected as the ninth Leader of the Iona Community. Now everything else will happen alongside that.

I knew last year that I had to stand in this election – this was a ‘calling’ and a bit like the Jonah-and-the-whale story, I could not find a way of evading it. I did not feel called to be the Leader, but I did very much feel called to stand as a candidate for the Leadership. From there I had to rely on the wisdom and prayers and insights of the Members.

The Iona Community has just over 260 full Members, and is a tremendously – and at times…

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I am a writer and activist in the campaign to end violence against women and girls, often referred to as Gender Based Violence, or GBV. My book WITNESS was published in November 2016 and is available from my website: and from and I am currently blogging on Ways to Reclaim Yourself from Domestic Abuse.

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