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Women Made of Fire by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

‘Apechugar (A-pee-shoo-gaarr) a Chilean expression that means “Facing things as they come with dignity and do what it needs to be done.” It’s curious that the root of the verb comes from the Chilean slang for breast, “Pechuga” (Pee-shoo-gaa). It’s like in our collective conscious, we know women have an important role in healing and going over disasters. Apechugar then is also taking close to your breast, welcome, nourish, protect, keep safe, meet.’

 climbing-mountains-with-children_webThis was going to be a post about my new life in South Africa; to say what it means for me the return to this country full of wonderful things to do, after an intense and grievous experience in 2015 that pushed me towards a totally introspective period in my life; I was willing to tell you how I managed to put myself together, come back, go out there to face my fears, gather the courage to speak my truth, look for clearance and healing in the same place and with the same people where I was wounded.

But that will be in the next post. Let me talk about my country.

I come from Chile, a country in the southern south of the world, poor in resources and rich in poets. I am Chilean by birth, and I took my first steps on shaking ground. I have survived 3…

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I am a writer and activist in the campaign to end violence against women and girls, often referred to as Gender Based Violence, or GBV. My book WITNESS was published in November 2016 and is available from my website: and from and I am currently blogging on Ways to Reclaim Yourself from Domestic Abuse.

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